batonFormer U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s once said , “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”  While this advice is a great foreign policy, it is also a wonderful, less-than-lethal self-defense option.


Some people are not comfortable or able to carry a firearm.  The expandable baton is a great PLAN B option.  With a minimal amount of training, person can carry a compact but effective self-defense tool with them always.

An expandable baton is a hard striking tool that is made from very solid metal rods.  These rods fold in on themselves and make the baton easy to hide in a pocket, purse, jacket, on the belt.  A typical 26 inch baton can fold down to about an 8 inch secton.

Using the baton is a lot like using a stick. There are countless martial arts systems developed around the use of a single stick in combat.  A person can learn to strike, thrust, and execute joint locking techniques within a short amount of time.

The baton gives the user the advantage of speed, force multiplication, and reach.  These elements can be critical in a self-defense situation.


Strike 1-  There are two similar ways to strike with the expandable baton.  The first method is very simple, it is the same motion as you would use to swing a club or baseball bat.  This motion starts at one side of the body and continues all the way over to the other side.  You are looking for POWER in this technique.


Strike 2- This technique is like a whipping motion.  Imagine the baton is like a bullwhip and you are whipping the tip at the target.  You are looking for SPEED in this motion.


Strike 3- This is a thrusting motion.  Imagine the baton is a sword tip.  You are thrusting the tip of the baton at weak areas of the human body.



No weapon will make you invincible.  No weapon can guarantee and favorable outcome in all situations, but a baton is worth investigating.

Our batons come in various lengths to suit your body type and purpose.

26 inch extended baton = $20

29 inch extended baton = $25


We also offer them in PINK:


PINK 16 inch extended baton = $18

PINK 21 inch extended baton = $20

PINK 26 inch extended baton = $25

To Order, send an email to: RevDork@yahoo.com with the item you would like to purchase.  I will send information back.  Our website is coming soon.

Who Am I?

Who Am I ?  Glad You Asked…


Mr. Jeremy Bays started his martial arts journey in Bakersfield California at the early age of 8 years old.  After much begging, his parents enrolled him in an American Kenpo Karate school.  Jeremy spent the next 2 years at the school learning all he could about this fascinating martial art.  Even at such a young age, Mr. Bays refused to take rank in the school.  He believed that the color of belt you tie around your uniform does not represent your dedication or skill level.His family moved from Bakersfield, California to Fresno, California.  There Jeremy trained in Shotokan Karate for a total of three years.  Once again, He refused rank in Shotokan due largely to a personal belief that hard work is the best rank of them all.

Several years passed and Mr. Bays trained with various groups and instructors.  He learned much from videos, books, and seminars.  Then he meet his current Taekwon-do instructor, Larry Delaney.  Mr. Delaney showed Jeremy how to train harder, faster, and more serious then ever before.  He also convinced Mr. Bays to test for the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Taekwon-do.  Jeremy took the test and passed.  Mr. Bays says “I only took the belt so that others will understand that I have the knowledge and will to teach.  I’m pretty sure I am the only person to take 15 years to get a Black Belt.”

Mr. Bays trained with Larry Delaney and Donnie Robertson for 5 years.  He earned his Black Belt ranking in Chun Do Kwan TaeKwon-do and Chinese Kenpo-jitsu (Mitose linage).

Jeremy Bays currently is training in the Filipino Martial Arts under his co-instructor Cory Ballinger.  He is also trained Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and Western Martial Arts (Longsword, rapier, dagger, arming sword).

Jeremy’s training progressed when he was excepted as a student of Master T.A. Frazer in the art of JodoRyu Jiu-Jitsu.  From Master Frazer, he learned to proper use of pressure points (kyusho, dim-mak) and using less force for more pain.  He is now a senior member of the JodoRyu board.

Mr. Bays is working currently on furthering is understanding and training in the Israeli Martial Arts of Krav Maga and Kapap.  He is always learning and trying something new.